How Hercules ensures quality language management

At Hercules, we don’t translate, we transcreate, and we go deep into all local languages’ nuances, tricks, curiosities, and ruses. Respecting all language sensitivities and building on native idiomatic expression, we craft tailored content and copy. We provide the highest value, through quality copywriting and language solutions.

  • We created and maintain a network of 300+ in-market native experienced copywriters all around the world. They cover 100 markets, with 85 local languages. 
  • We select them through demanding selection criteria: minimum 12 years in copywriting, experience in major ad agencies, practice with all media and channels, and familiarity with major global brands. 
  • We follow a strict selection process: deep analysis of CVs and experience, Skype video talks, short list, NDA signature, final confirmation. 
  • We take them through complete brand induction: brand books, campaign guidelines, presentation decks, phone coaching and Q&A’s sessions. 
  • We regularly evaluate their performance through Client Satisfaction Surveys. We pay specific attention to their ability to stay on brief, reflection of brand values and product benefit, skill in bringing relevant creative solutions, and skill in balancing brand voice & local market specifics. 
  • On the day of the VO recording in the local Sound Studio, our in-market copywriter is present, acting as a voice director and securing relevance in the tone of voice. 

Hercules is the expert in language intelligence, brilliant copywriting, transcreation effectiveness, and local culture understanding.

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