As digital communication continues to play a prominent role in media plans, advertisers are looking for ways to realise large-scale, high-volume digital campaign rollouts in a timely fashion and on budget. This is made all the more challenging due the requirement for multiple formats and languages.

Hercules has invested heavily in Digital@Scale technologies, an automated solution aimed at significantly reducing the time needed to generate high-volume digital assets.  

The technology enables the production of responsive dynamic banners and videos as well as the localization of key visuals including headlines, calls-to-action or product visuals.  

All standard display sizes are pre-configured in the system to address all global clients’ digital requirements, and specific formats can be added on request for local markets.  

Finalised assets are exported to up to 40 ad servers, with the ability to include additional outputs  when exporting. 

With @Scale technologies, Hercules is able to respond quickly to clients’ requirements for timely, high-volume digital production that delivers improved return on investment. And that’s good in anyone’s books. 

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