The dominant trend in international tourism has been for recent years the fast-growing competition between countries or cities acting and communicating as brands. Fuelled by better informed travellers with ability to discover many new destinations, it creates a crucial need to stand out and be unique.

When Qatar Tourism, the responsible authority for building Qatar as a sophisticated, modern, traditional, and luxurious destination,  developed their new global campaign, they decided to call for brilliant creativity braced by intense emotions, the best recipe for uniqueness. Tasked to localize the communication in multiple markets, Hercules understood that only craft creative copywriting and skilled transcreation could safeguard the individuality of the campaign.

Hercules will leverage its global community of native in-market copywriters, all of them with 12+ years’ experience, and expert in using all the subtleties and sensitivities of their native local language, to creatively transcreate the major campaign headline and more than 15 taglines related to specific traveler stories.

Language intelligence, local culture understanding, and transcreation effectiveness are at the core of what Hercules does to provide craft tailored content and copy in any language.

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