HERCULES CELEBRATES 100 000 content assets produced

Hercules celebrates its 100 000 assets produced across all media channels for 5 continents.

How big is this number to deserve such a celebration?  
Far bigger than we thought we may achieve when we set-up Hercules and probably still smaller than the biggest players on the market. But for sure a milestone proving we are able to manage any client of any size.

If numbers change, our commitment to help clients achieve higher ROI from their marketing budgets through more impactful and relevant brand assets and by delivering greater cost efficiencies enabling them a successful transformation won’t change.
We used to say:  “Big enough to cope, small enough to care”. From today, we may start saying  : “It’s good to be big, it’s better to be good, it’s best to be both”.

Congratulations to all our clients and teams for contributing to make Hercules a Global Content Factory for the demanding times that everyone love to work with.

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