Start-up businesses are on the rise, with more funding than ever before being formally channeled into the ecosystem across Europe. These nascent companies face many challenges as they bootstrap themselves into existence and grow. Only 1 in 12 will ultimately succeed, with 70% of failures occurring during years two to five.

Hercules has launched ATALANTA, its agile new offer specifically geared toward helping start-ups navigate the complexities and challenges of their early business life cycles.

ATALANTA employs an agile methodology based on the collective experience in branding, advertising and business communication, of its principals. The process consists of a series of clearly defined steps and packages with a singular purpose: delivering exactly what is needed, at the time when it is needed, with an efficient process that has been entirely rethought to deliver maximum value at minimum cost, for start-ups to succeed in the short, medium and long term.

Because every start-up is different and at a different stage of its life cycle, ATALANTA’s packages have been carefully developed to accommodate these differences while providing the same level of responsiveness and support:

Essential, for start-ups at the very beginning of their journey;
Growth, for those who know where they are going, but need to figure out how to get there;
Scale, for companies with a few years under their belt, looking to expand;
Unlimited, for companies who need a completely bespoke arrangement.

Hercules provides unmatched value to start-ups by giving them exactly what they need, at the time that they need it, while allowing them to optimize their marketing budgets.

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