Global brands willing to fully benefit from the power of e-commerce today meet a major challenge : when working with multiple e-commerce local providers and agencies, they quickly face the issue of consistency across time and markets about how their products are visually represented through thousands of packaging shots, in many diverse languages,  and keeping in mind the many different retailer specs.

Building on its retail experience, brick-and-mortar as well as online retail, Hercules launches an innovative and unique solution, “e-xcellence”: a simplified and easy structural design for product packaging through hero images for all e-commerce platforms.

Obviating the need  for shooting hundreds packaging pictures, Hercules efficiently produces simplified images focusing only on the necessary key elements: name, logo, visual symbols, selected texts. Benefits? Speed, easiness, adaptability to any and all retailer specs, suitability to all digital channels.

 “e-xcellence for e-commerce”, a pioneering Hercules solution answering the needs of global brands.

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