With the implementation of ambitious brand content strategies, advertisers need to generate increasingly larger volumes of content on limited budgets. Couple this with the need to produce communication assets in different locations, often at a geographical distance from the Organisation’s marketing team, and the challenge becomes almost insurmountable.

Clearly for most projects, sending an expensive crew with top notch equipment, to multiple destination is simply not feasible. And all the more difficult when timing is extremely tight, as it often is.

Hercules is launching remote production for video content – an innovative solution that will allow the production of content remotely at the required quality. The new remote system will enable recording in 4k video via iPhone or webcam, without the need for an extensive support crew, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional practises.

A natural technological progression for Hercules, this approach allows to bring its years of video creation know-how and experienced in-house talent and resources together to produce quality at an affordable price-point.

Video output from this process will include interviews, documentaries, corporate videos, broadcast quality content and traditional short and long form storytelling content.

The technology will allow marketers to work with nimble teams locally or deploy a “studio-in-a-box” concept, where the entire process is managed remotely.

Whatever the needs of its clients, Hercules is able to deliver industry-grade videos, via innovative remote capture technology, while saving money at the same time.

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