With 59 department stores and 28 supermarkets spread across Switzerland, Manor markets more than 1 million goods from 2.800 suppliers. Pursuing their strategy of being the retailer that best serve customers, Manor permanently confronts the “any change can happen anytime” challenge when hundreds of their buyers may close a new favourable deal at any time with any of the suppliers – for their communication, they need partners able to cope with it.

Hercules is tasked to produce thousands of pages of catalogues, leaflets, flyers, and POS materials, in the three languages spoken in Switzerland – French, German and Italian – for which they will build a bespoke organization comprising a multidisciplinary team of 12+ talents, to work together  under “war room” conditions, ensuring maximum flexibility and speedy response  to any request.

Within the upcoming months Hercules is expected to handle and deliver thousands of assets under tight deadlines, and always ready to tackle any last-minute change.

By putting in place effective dedicated resources together with the right working approach, Hercules aims to prove that it is the right partner for a leading retailer or organization requiring maximum flexibility.

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