Following a period rich in transformation and achievements, Hercules has been recognized by the European business community for two major business awards.

The European Enterprise Awards, organized by EU Business News, a leading news organization located in the UK, rewards companies that are driving transformation and exceeding expectations to achieve success.

Hercules received the coveted “Change Management Champion of the Year” award for its contribution in helping leading advertisers transform their marketing organization and communication to better meet the needs of demanding times, and for its achievements in successfully rolling out global campaigns and launching innovative services.

Say the jury members, “We consider an organisation’s achievements over the past 12 months, and reputation amongst its peers as well as the company’s performance within the European market.”

The European Business Awards rewards professional excellence and the good work of companies from all sectors that make the business community look to the future with hope.

Out of a number of carefully shortlisted organizations throughout Europe, 12 innovative and fast-growing companies from 12 countries were ultimately awarded, at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, for their performance in their respective business categories, and a special “European Manager of the Year” award went to Gilles Bérouard, CEO, Hercules.

Says Antonio Jose Queijeiro, Director of El Suplemento, leading business magazine based in Spain, and organizer of the event, “The winners of the European Awards are always people whose professional career is an example of overcoming and success, who through their effort, determination and creativity have earned this prestigious recognition.”

Such recognition is a strong springboard for Hercules to move toward more successes tomorrow and beyond.

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