Covid pandemic created uncertainty and disruption in many fields, and Hercules found ways to keep shooting and producing any type of audiovisual work during this troubled time.

Hercules Global is cooperating with the Czech Film Commission in following self-regulatory guidelines to best mitigate the risks. The agency sets up steps and strictly procedures to all stakeholders included disinfecting the workplace, having special regimes for selected performers and crew members, and having only the absolute minimum number of people on set to help eliminate the potential risk of infection.

Hercules leverages live streaming from the shoot via a private YouTube channel to accommodate clients located in different countries and cannot travel to Prague. The benefit for clients located all across the world is to participate in any shoot from the comfort of their office or home office.

In the difficult environment of the Covid pandemic, Hercules transforms and delivers shooting, production, and postproduction services, with minimum health risks and top quality secured.

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