Finding the right music to complement your brand messaging contributes significantly to the success of any multi-country campaign. Brands that get it right, entrench themselves into the consumer psyche, while those that don’t, fade from memory quickly. It’s a complex and costly affair.

Factor in extension to new territories and channels, as well as yearly usage rights renewals, and the brand can end up with a budget far exceeding that which Marketing had originally planned or anticipated.

Hercules has launched Maestro a dedicated music production and licencing arm for advertisers who need optimal music solutions while managing the cost of renewals and territory or period extensions.

Based in Prague – one of the globally recognised destinations for music scoring and recording for the film and TV industry, Hercules’ new offering leverages three distinct solutions, depending on time and budget:

  1. Stock music, via the most up-to-date music library resources
  2. Extended search and alternative licensing via Universal Music, sister company within the Vivendi Group
  3. Composing an altogether new piece of music leveraging a unique pool of musical talent able to work across all musical styles, from classical to contemporary, from romance to science fiction, and anywhere in between

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