Localizing high volumes of assets through large numbers of markets and languages is not an easy and safe task. There are dangers everywhere and, indeed, mistakes frequently happen, putting brands at risk, and creating costly damages.

As a recent example, a cosmetic brand suffered a violent backlash after publishing a social media ad for a deodorant claiming that “White is purity”, immediately seen as supporting a racist rhetoric.

To avoid these costly and damaging blunders, Hercules provides a solution: 3C-Cross-Cultural Check. An effective tool to anticipate and avoid blunders before any damage.

Simple and fast to implement, with a feedback within 5 days, it activates Hercules network of 200+ in-market, native, and experienced copywriters. Based on their insights and knowledge, Hercules looks at and assesses brand and product names, campaign headline and signature, any element of text and written copy, casting, location, stylism, and music score.

Hercules 3C-Cross-Cultural Check is a must for any global brand willing to anticipate and avoid damaging potential mistakes, it is simple and fast to implement.

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