Perfetti Van Melle says YES to Hercules FOR MENTOS

For a company like Perfetti Van Melle, with global leading brands such as Mentos, Chupa Chups and Alpenliebe present in 150+ markets, brand consistency is of utmost importance. Maintaining such consistency, while remaining locally relevant and keeping transcreation costs under control is an enormous challenge.

Hercules has been appointed to meet the challenge and brings its best of class language management and localization excellence to the task from the very first critical assignment – the launch of Mentos’ “Yes to Fresh” campaign in 50+ countries.

The complex undertaking will see Hercules aggregate production services for all media into a single, central hub, ensuring immediate response, fast turnaround times, relevant localization and origination where required.

With its always-on line of services and solutions, Hercules will contribute to strengthening Mentos’ global brand footprint. In just under two months’ time, the Agency has rolled out a fresh approach – to which Mentos said YES!

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