Following the acquisition of ESSENSO by JDE, the decision was made to migrate the Brand under the L’OR Masterbrand. Given its prominence in the local markets, any new communication would need to strike the perfect balance between respecting its brand equity & heritage and staying true to the L’OR brand identity. Hercules was tasked to develop a specific communication campaign to support the launch of the new L’OR ESSENSO Brand, driving quality credentials.

Under traditional circumstances such a project would have been expected to be months in development and incur additional costs associated with the production of new communication assets, including shooting a new commercial.

Thanks to its innovative approach to creative amplification and post-production expertise, Hercules was able to transform the expected complex and time-consuming production process into an efficient exercise by leveraging the existing L’OR Blended for Pleasure platform assets to deliver a full 360-degree campaign – from the re-editing of video footage to the recreation of 3D pack shots, key visuals and social media assets, right through to high-end motion graphics and multiple video formats.

Hercules maximised the performance and lifespan of existing assets across the board, vastly reducing overall budgetary requirements. Importantly, the new L’OR ESSENSO Brand campaign met the communication objectives, delivering excellence to the market, while staying consistent with the Masterbrand.

Production Innovation. The Hercules way.

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