Bringing light to B2B communication

Signify is the world leader in the lighting of professional and consumer spaces. Lighting sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is something we all use in our everyday lives. But the thoughtful placement of lighting in a retail space, for example, does more than just illuminate the shelves. Cleverly done, it can help engage shoppers, guide them through the retail experience, and play a key part in the conversion journey.

Signify needed help communicating some of the complex functionality of an innovative new product. We recommended creating stylish yet simple benefits-focused messages in the form of short videos tailored to specific industry needs.

The product was to be offered across seven of Signify’s divisions, from Retail to Hospitality, so each video needed to speak to the unique needs of the particular industry it was addressing while maintaining brand consistency.

Hercules delivered a one-stop shop approach, with a cross-functional team in project management, art direction, design, production and post-production, including sound. Our approach was to create flexible animations that could work across all industries, while at the same time conforming to the specificities of individual markets.

We implemented an iconography which was specific to each industry but unified through design. This playful yet clear animation style put the product benefit front and center while delivering consistency across all videos produced.

This is all part of how Hercules simplifies complex lines of business and lights up customer benefits across verticals.

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