Delivering impactful communication in culturally sensitive markets

Hercules was tasked with transcreating a Jacobs global TVC for the Iranian, Saudi Arabian and South African markets, which meant reshooting some scenes to make the versions locally relevant for these markets. Each version needed to show different actors from the respective countries to reflect the local population while still retaining the atmosphere of the original TVC.

Searching for actors required casting a very wide net that included Prague, Amsterdam and London. We brought the actors to Prague to participate in a one-day shoot where we had recreated the same kitchen set-ups as in the global master.

When localizing, it is imperative to stay consistent with cultural norms, especially concerning wardrobe for the Iranian and Saudi Arabian markets. Our production team consulted with our colleagues in Dubai, as well as with a veil expert on set who came from Lebanon to ensure the correct cultural focus.

Subtle details such as placing a veil one or two centimeters higher on the forehead dictated a make or break outcome. Therefore, during the shoot itself, Hercules’ production director sent snapshots of sequences featuring the actresses to local broadcast authorities for immediate validation.

The resulting shots fit in seamlessly with the elements of the global master TVC. Each character is seen making his or her cup of coffee in their own way, yet the atmosphere is completely consistent across all three executions.

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