Developing a 360° global digital campaign for 18 markets

Our client tasked us with creating an effective strategy that positioned the brand’s performance and innovation attributes among farmers across Europe. Supporting and enforcing the new centralized approach of DEKALB.

Hercules stepped in by developing a global strategy that defined clear goals per campaign to deliver consistent quality throughout all markets by working from a centralized perspective. First, we proposed a tactical plan that included content development and management, business intelligence, paid social and community management. Sticking to the plan, Hercules continued by developing a 360° Digital and SoMe campaign including English master assets of websites, microsites, newsletters, display banners, SoMe content, AdWords. The final step was to localize and roll-out the new campaign to 18 key countries across the whole Europe.

And the result? 18 local marketing teams had been served and supported and more than 200 master assets had been created. In total, we made more than 1800 local adaptations. Year to year 51% increase in number of central assets localized by the countries. And finally, the key markets in France, Germany and Ukraine all highly adopted the centralized approach, registering a 70% increase in local adaptations.

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