Driving organizational transformation efficiently

Sanofi is a global giant, with hundreds of products all over the world and thousands of employees integral to the marketing process. Consistent, top-quality and efficient production were key to the successful transformation of its marketing organization as a whole. Sanofi sought a partner to help drive its transformation. It needed a well-oiled, centralized production hub.

The goal was to make it fast and easy for Sanofi marketing managers to get their hands on the exact materials their market required. Hercules set up a single production hub for the adaptation and transcreation of assets across 14 markets, using its team of native-speaking project managers to serve each market. Hercules quickly onboarded Sanofi employees on a simpler and more efficient process.

We further simplified communication using Hercules’ online tool, Pulse. Briefing for common materials became fast and simple, and we made it easy for managers to access and reuse existing materials by setting up a library of assets. Sanofi’s assets were tagged, dated and catalogued in The Mine. Finally, to drive cost-efficiency, Sanofi and Hercules agreed on a standardized ‘based on prices per deliverables’ rate card.

Sanofi required simplicity and cost-efficiency. Hercules delivered and now receives on average one new project every working hour from Sanofi.

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