Qatar Tourism is the responsible national authority for building Qatar as a sophisticated, modern, traditional, and luxurious destination. They recently launched a new major global campaign, on-line and off-line, aiming at facing the fast-growing worldwide competition, and answering all expectations of better-informed travelers with ability to discover many exciting destinations through a few clicks.

The campaign is backed by brilliant creativity locked in intense emotions, with language and inspired copywriting at the core – its backbone involves the “Experience a world beyond” main campaign headline and more than 15 taglines, each of them focusing on a specific traveler story, such as “Experience a new amazing…,” “Experience a new refreshing…,” or “Experience a new enchanting…”

“Experience” mixes the invitation to discover, live, and explore in one single word – an open invitation to go beyond one’s preconceptions, and discover a full range of destinations, attractions, and culture richness.  

The challenge was to convey the depth and vibrancy of the words into many different languages –  including French, German, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, or Turkish. What might have resulted in loss of substance, lack of local cultural relevance, or creative shortfall, turned into a  skillful transcreation exercise, local language understanding, and creative copywriting delivery.

 Hercules leveraged its global community of native in-market copywriters, all of them with 12+ years’ experience, and expert in using all the subtleties, sensitivities of their native local language, to creatively transcreate the major campaign headline and more than 15 taglines into multiple languages. They have been onboarded through all aspects and nuances of the campaign, more specially the word “experience” and how to handle it.

Crafted, tailored creative transcreation. The Hercules way.

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