Strength through diversity.

Habla multi-lingualism? We do.

Europcar Mobility Group is a leading car-rental and carsharing company, active in 140 countries. The Company wanted to centralize its communication with the goal of rolling out new campaigns for its four brands across key markets in Europe and Oceania. The task called for the delivery of a multiplicity of communication assets and copy in different geographical locations and languages.

Now imagine if you will, coordinating an operation like this centrally while at the same time anticipating the needs of multiple local both culturally and with respect to differential regulatory environments. Challenging to say the least.

What might have resulted in loss of brand reputation at the very minimum and associated costly reworking of communications assets due to a failure to get in front of potential pitfalls, was adeptly negotiated by the team.

Hercules’ secret weapon is its multi-cultural team of in-market experts who know the local nuances inside and out.

Hercules deployed is team native Project Managers who managed the Hercules pool of in-market copywriters to ensure quality transcreation. They were also responsible for communicating directly with the respective with local marketing client teams, further ensuing fluency and consistency. All leveraging Hercules’ technical capabilities to manage quick turnaround and centralized production capabilities.

Despite COVID 19 constraints, the project was delivered through a thoroughly planned and well-orchestrated home office setup, supported by Hercules’ proprietary online collaborative tools, production workflow platform and project management solutions.

Not to mention, superstar Project Managers.

Local relevance. The Hercules way.

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