Roast and Ground: From one master to multiple masters in one shot

Hercules created a new global TV commercial to support the product launch of L’Or Roast & Ground coffee which would then be transcreated for 26 markets. Inspired by an existing creative concept, we took a fresh approach which ensured a brand consistent and memorable campaign, while delivering superior production values.

To make the local copy as relevant as possible to each market, we took into account regional differences in coffee drinking customs and traditions. In some markets, ristretto is the preferred type of coffee, and is served in a moka pot. In other markets, a long black coffee served from a French press is more typical. This was made possible through Hercules’ versioning approach.

When planning the shoot, we took these preferences into account and shot five different coffee variations, as well as five different appliances for the pack shot, using a few different sizes of packs to account for Brazil’s particular product dimensions.

Once completed, we were able to offer individual markets a modular approach to building the commercial from the global assets that were created, giving flexibility to shape the commercial to best represent local coffee drinking customs.

And the result? The commercial was eventually adapted for more than 33 markets, and the campaign found life through multiple media channels, all through creative amplification. TV spots, key visuals, banners in both static and HTML5 format live on the web, along with carousels and GIFs, were used to spread the news of the new L’Or product.

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