Supporting lifestyle brand equity & cross-sales via social media

Michelin Lifestyle needed a two-month-campaign to generate awareness for its automotive accessory product line.

The campaign was to be done on a low budget and in a tight timeline. However, the main challenge was to generate both traction and interest as to support sales, while strengthening brand awareness.

In order to accomplish all Michelin`s requirements, Hercules decided on building and delivering a Facebook campaign while leveraging original video content through an engaging lifestyle concept. The aim was to position Michelin Lifestyle as the main trusted brand whenever there was a need for auto accessories and/or for the maintenance of a car. Finally, the created content has then been distributed in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ukraine and the Czech Republic through three campaigns:

  1. Hero content – Online video (big idea)
  2. Hub content – Facebook contest
  3. Hygiene content – Static posts

For the campaigns, Hercules used the Basing master content on the hero idea “The Ugly Duckling Makeover” and executed it through an online video, while using a hidden camera technique for the shooting.

And the result? A successful campaign implementation in all six markets plus another happy client.

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