Perfetti van Melle is an international confectionary company behind some of the world’s favourite brands such as Mentos, Chupa-chups and Alpenliebe. Their mission is to “chew, taste, enjoy and discover new ways to make life more fun.” This means ensuring that every candy lover is able to find and enjoy their products anytime, anywhere they are in the world.

With consumers in 159 countries keeping the brand and product experience consistent is of paramount importance.

So when the Company geared up to launch a new “Yes to Fresh” campaign for Mentos across multiple markets, they were looking for partner who could not only navigate the nuances of the local markets and maintain local relevance, but also keep transcreation costs within reasonable parameters.

The challenge was to localize some 150+ master assets and facilitate the roll-out of the campaign within a tight timeframe. Such a complex task might have taken several months of planning and production to execute using the traditional agency model.

Hercules solution was to aggregate production services for all media into a single, central hub, ensuring immediate response, fast turnaround times, relevant localization and origination where required.

In just under two months’ time, the Agency rolled out a completely fresh approach for Mentos that turned out to be a big success. That’s a YES in anyone’s books.

Multi-country mastery. The Hercules way.

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