The campaign that brought the storefront down

EPIC Games, the company that brought the world Fortnight and Unreal Engine, which powers the world’s leading games, wanted to bring users an even bigger and better gaming experience. To do this they had to unseat their competition, who just happened to be the biggest name in the category.

In the classical course of proceedings such an undertaking should require local agencies in each of the more than 20 markets applicable to the campaigns, each with their own creative and technical workflows, timelines and in the case of global roll-out, even different time-zones. Moreover, the process often involved a large degree of human resource overlap, leading to complex dependencies and additional costs.

Such an epic ambition naturally required an equally epic campaign.

Centralizing production and delivery under one roof, Hercules leveraged its production at scale tools and in order to ensure speedy and accurate adaption and localization of digital assets (different edits / texts / images / formats / sizes / disclaimers and languages) through to the creation of a robust digital rollout.

The campaign was so successful that it literally brought the store-front down. And created buzz throughout the social channels, leading to increased engagement.

Hercules is proud to have been part of this epic campaign that helped EPIC Games maintain its market dominance and live up to its name.

Making the impossible possible. The Hercules way.

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