In just a few years, Zalando has transformed from a Berlin-based online shoe shop into Europe’s leading online fashion platform. Driven by constant innovation, the company expanded their portfolio and launched Zalando Lounge, one of Europe’s most successful shopping clubs across multiple countries.

Its existing 15 million registered members gain access to top brands at unbeatably low prices. Every day, new limited sales promotions propose products by sought-after labels and luxury brands from the fashion and lifestyle sector, with considerable discounts of up to 75% among more than 2 500 products on offer.

Zalando Lounge’s success is built on a simple and efficient principle: “New sales promotions everyday”, starting at 7am on weekdays, 8am on weekends, they are only available 3 to 5 days. Customers need to be quick to catch stocks while they last.

Speed and fast turnaround are deeply rooted in everything Zalando Lounge does – permanently adapting to fast-changing fashion trends and managing multiple simultaneous sales promotions that are only available for a few days at a time.

No wonder, when called to help localizing Zalando Lounge new brand films in 10+ European markets, Hercules took the challenge. What might have been a standard process of average 8 weeks, turned into a speedy delivery in 3 weeks, from transcreation and VO recording to local TV channels delivery, including a careful in-depth quality check. Hercules leveraged its community of native in-market copywriters and sound studios network and took full benefit of its efficient 18/6 Organization and Flextime Policy.

Extraordinary speed. The Hercules way.

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