Stealing with pride: creative assets repurposing

Hercules was asked to develop solutions for global asset reuse to drive JDE brand compliance with the global guidelines, while delivering the associated local market cost benefit in master asset production. These savings would be reinvested in growing the brands locally.

Through the introduction of “THE Q” (a quarterly newsletter for all JDE teams), workshops for local marketing groups and the ongoing promotion of the Mine (Hercules’ proprietary digital asset management tool customized for JDE), the “stealing with pride” reuse of assets across markets began. In a very short period of time teams from as far away as Brazil and Russia were making use of the existing assets.

As content requirements continue to explode across existing and emerging channels and marketing budgets struggle to keep pace, the successful adoption of an asset reuse program is vital.

“Adopting the Hercules global brands best practice way of working has enabled JDE to realize tangible commercial benefits from this creative amplification model, while seeing an increase locally.” MS

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