Cutting costs & time while managing 50 brands across 11 markets

What happens when a leading frozen food company puts all its creative localization requirements into hands of a single production agency?

With over 50 brands across 11 markets, Iglo is fast moving and far reaching. But having multiple creative hubs, each handling their own adaptations meant added time, higher costs and brand inconsistency.

Hercules was requested to generate savings by decoupling production from creative development, while maintaining brand consistency across Western Europe.

Working closely with the client’s central and local marketing teams, Hercules managed to cut costs and timing in half, streamline the client’s production organization and enhance efficiencies in usage rights management.

375 copies, 50 brands, 11 markets in 18 months…transforming the production pipeline from fragmented to streamlined, from complex to simple, from costly to cost efficient. Transforming communication. Powered by Hercules

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