Enabling a complete rebranding in 66 countries in 90 days

The innovative pharmaceutical Merck group wanted to launch a new corporate identity across 66 countries. They turned to Hercules to deliver on bold design, complex logistics, vigilant brand guardianship and dynamic change management.

For their launch, Merck group wanted customized gift packs for 55 thousand employees across 294 sites worldwide in 90 days. Hercules’ mandate was to design a full suite of corporate literature and branded merchandise based on new brand guidelines.

We also had to find reliable and cost-effective manufactures in China and transcreate print materials in nine languages. And finally, Hercules had 90 days to mobilize a dispatch center where they received, inspected, repacked and shipped 55 thousand employee packs. The delivery had to be synchronized to arrive on the same day worldwide.

Immediately after the launch, Merck group needed support driving the adoption of new brand guidelines. So we got a brand help-desk up and running in just one week. Over the next 15 weeks our brand guardians responded to over 3000 inquiries.

And finally, as a digitally versed agency, Hercules provided end-to end management for Merck`s web shop, where employees can order printed materials and branded merchandise.

Hercules took care of everything – from procurement to fulfilment. Global rebranding, complex logistics, change management, e-commerce platform. At top speed and cost efficient.

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