Consolidating 55 local agencies into a global hub

RB refocused their creative hubs on strategy and creative development. But what about the massive amount of adaptations and multi country versionings required by their global power brands? They turned for help to Hercules.

Hercules worked with RB to channel all localization work into a streamlined operation, maximizing synergies and providing significant savings. Within six months, 55 local marketing teams were onboarded, and TVC localized for 14 Power Brands, all out of a single global production hub in the heart of Europe.

Hercules also implemented a performance tracking system to measure monthly KPIs and client’s satisfaction to continue to lead the decoupling revolution. All in year one.

Year two, we increased deliverables and expanded services in developing markets, managing over 800 client relationships across 65 markets. Hercules introduced RB to its production and post production services. A unique combination under one roof.

And the result? 14 brands, 65 markets, 1600 projects in 18 months. Transforming from a complex organization with complex interactions between local markets, local agencies, creative agencies, and RB centers of development in to a simpler one.

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