A centralized content production regime for a stronger organization.

The communication needs of a pharma giant like Sanofi are vast. Prior to engaging with Hercules, their high-volume, multi-channel programme spanned across 16 countries and was driven locally by some 70 creative agencies. As you can imagine, this led to a significant amount of overlap and duplication. Production costs were high. And brand consistency suffered.

Hercules worked with Sanofi to find a better way.

Together we focussed all production and localization work on all media around a central hub, streamlining asset creation, and introducing cost efficiencies. 

The new workflow was managed via PULSE, Hercules’ collaborative management tool and library. This allowed the team to identify, repurpose and deploy assets across all markets efficiently and cost-effectively.

To manage the high volume of compelling creative, legally precise and medically compliant work, required a dedicated team comprising managers from 12 different countries, able to communicate in15 languages, and keep track of 160 brands.

This shift to a centralized, online, collaborative content production process enabled us to deliver in excess of 2600 projects of varying complexity, all the while maintaining creative standards, simplifying Sanofi’s cross-market localization workflow and contributing to significant savings.

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