Global brands handle thousands of assets for their campaigns and communication across dozens of markets and multiple channels around the world, and all at once. Usage Rights Management is today one of the most testing challenges for any Marketing or Finance manager in any global organization.

The potential pitfalls, inefficiencies, or risks in Usage Rights Management are many:  no transparency on costs as they are often hidden within production expenses, lack of contractual and data expertise, no anticipation of rights’ renewal creating the risk of airing a copy without valid usage rights, lack of synchronization between media plans and usage rights validity periods, weak negotiating power.

To face the challenge, Hercules leverages years of experience and provides a fully integrated, controlled, and best-in-class approach with cost efficiency as a primary goal. We save costs, optimize coverage across brands, markets, and media, simplify usage rights management, eliminate legal risks and unexpected expenses, and negotiate better rates and conditions on behalf of our clients.

To achieve it, Hercules communicates all rights expiration dates ahead of time, proactively validates compliance with all existing usage rights contracts, negotiates bulk costs for multiple markets at once, systematically searches for synergies and cost efficiencies, implements best practices, and builds a secure database tracking assets, markets, talents details and negotiation history.

The benefits for global brands and businesses are tangible and immediate: significant savings, real time on-demand visibility of usage rights across markets, accurate budget planning with monthly reporting and ongoing cost control, optimization of return on usage rights expenses.

Mastering Usage Rights. The Hercules way.

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