We are the fastest growing multicultural creative, localization, and production agency dedicated to enabling our clients’ successful transformation.

Thinking globally and acting locally, Hercules delivers superior value to clients, ensuring they obtain the best of both worlds: global brand saliency and local business success.

The Hercules team of over 1,100 talents with production facilities in 14 locations on four continents, is a true global powerhouse of creative, localization, and production expertise.

Hercules‘ native project managers enable seamless development, coordination and local implementation of global brand strategies, with the support of our in-market copywriters in 70 countries. Our teams have broad experience in advertising and production, and they leverage their competences to maintain brand consistency as well as adherence to market-specific requirements.

In addition to our broad in-house digital and social media capabilities, we partner with the Havas Group’s best digital agencies such as Digital Factory, Magma, Socialyse, and The Annex to name a few.

Thanks to its parent company Vivendi which employs over 44,000 professionals in 100+ countries, Hercules has a unique access to production studios, music and film talents and creative work that further strengthen our global capabilities.


Transforming Organization


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