PULSE: Improving collaboration across teams and countries

Our transformative impact also comes from the power of our proprietary collaborative platform Pulse. Pulse is an online project and digital asset management tool which streamlines global campaign implementation.

Tailored briefing forms, automated workflow, easy approval process, and on-demand reporting are only some of the efficient features which accelerate delivery and enable cost savings.In one line Pulse is a collaborative tool connecting all stakeholders around the globe 24/7.

Delivering across paid and owned media

Our team and systems guarantee accurate and efficient distribution to all offline and online media; all localized materials are stored in Pulse, our DAM tool, which includes an international database that addresses all possible formats and broadcast specifications. Timely delivery is completed through reputable distribution partners as instructed by our team who also manages local and global usage rights and facilitates effectively usage rights renewal well in advance; this has proven to be invaluable for our clients when renegotiating. A detailed asset inventory and full tracking report of usage rights per asset can be retrieved at any time from Pulse (financial data and rights expiration dates per brand, per market, per specific period…) and customized reporting can be provided on demand.

Transforming Organization

THE MINE: Managing creative assets efficiently


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