THE MINE: Managing creative assets efficiently

The Mine is Hercules’ digital asset library where end users can search assets for their specific needs (adaptation, localization, amplification), or simply share assets with their marketing peers. All assets, whether original masters or localized outputs, are tagged and categorized precisely to enable quick and reliable asset identification.

Using the Mine has many advantages for advertisers, the principle one being the savings which can be generated by reusing and/or repurposing assets. The reuse of assets is the number one priority for many of the world’s leading brands as content requirements, and therefore costs, continue to rise exponentially.

Areas where The Mine can generate a substantial financial upside:

  • greater ROI through the reuse of assets and / or existing master artwork templates
  • savings by repurposing already developed assets through creative amplification
  • cost sharing of post-production work thanks to joint project briefs functionalities
  • end of “creative waste” resulting in lesser unnecessary local developments

In addition, The Mine brings various benefits that few other DAM tools providers offer:

  • regular and ongoing capabilities upgrade of The Mine since its inception (i.e. integration of latest best practices)
  • an asset-KPI-driven platform which enables users to identify easily and speedily the most relevant artwork
  • a simplified briefing workflow which saves time for stakeholders and helps make briefing more accurate
  • a fully branded user interface design which each end-user can personalize according to his / her needs
  • a highly skilled Hercules librarian to advise, guide and support clients’ teams in their search and inquiries

While The Mine is integrated into Hercules’ proprietary online collaborative and workflow solution (Pulse), it can also be bridged to other workflow tools and platforms should this be required.

In one line, we deliver higher returns with our Digital Asset Management platform– The Mine.

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