Organizations are people and people need to believe in their mission and feel a sense of ownership. At Hercules, we believe successful transformations start with bringing people together to hear from various stakeholders about their challenges, to learn what success looks like to them and to align everyone on a shared vision that moves the organization forward.

Hercules addresses key drivers which are critical for a successful transformation. We do so by reducing where it makes an impact and increasing where it creates value.

Increasing value

Hercules increases value by enabling smooth and cost efficient transformation and increasing return on marketing budget. We ensure brand consistency, local relevance, and communication effectiveness whilst by capitalizing on existing client systems.

Increasing quality

Leveraging the expertise of our in-market copywriters, we address local culture and specifics. Our in-house creative resources further enable brand guardianship and asset enhancement. With creativity at the core of our values, outputs are locally relevant while supporting brand strategies.

Increasing control

Hercules’ flexible compensation models offer full transparency, budget planning, and cost control, as well as custom reporting. Our collaborative tool can be integrated with Agresso, SAP, or Aprimo for better finance management. All brand assets are stored and securely archived with end-to-end control.

Increasing satisfaction

Hercules applies the Kaizen Way to all projects, striving to maintain our performance and swiftly implementing improvement plans, if and when needed. KPI’s are developed with clients to include variable remuneration based on monthly, quarterly, or project-based satisfaction surveys.

Hercules’ performance is continuously assessed against KPIs customized to our clients requirements. This is done leveraging our web-enabled Customer Satisfaction Survey (Satisfactometer) allowing for a constant flow of feedback, and leading to the immediate development of our solution if needed.

Reducing costs

Hercules provides nearshore competitive rates. Our fixed price per deliverable allows for pricing management and optimization, and our production techniques guarantee lower localization costs. We also provide country cluster-based pricing to ensure competitiveness at a local level.

Reducing risk

Hercules reduces risk by providing a strict quality acceptance protocol managed by a pool of highly skilled specialists and native project managers, from brief to delivery. This process enables real-time monitoring and tracking, while collaboration with local regulatory authorities ensures compliance.

Reducing time

We strive to reduce time through delivering shortened SLA’s while ensuring that we provide immediate responsiveness. Workflow programmed in our online collaborative tool speeds up reactivity and time to market. Hercules’ latest equipment also allows for efficient management of large volumes of work.

Reducing effort

Our centralized and decoupled organizational model requires less client involvement; this client tailored set-up limits time spent by local marketing teams. Automated notifications and easy approval system decrease manual tasks. We also negotiate with third parties to lessen the overall workload within clients’ organizations.

Our Satisfact-o-meter is constantly evaluating and improving our performance.

Transforming Organization


Transforming Organization

PULSE: Improving collaboration across teams and countries

Transforming Organization

Enabling a complete rebranding in 66 countries in 90 days


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